Woman Gives Birth To Her New (Book) Baby In Hilarious Photoshoot

Erin Chack just welcomed a new baby, err book, into the world. 

On Tuesday, the Senior Writer at BuzzFeed tweeted out four photos of her giving birth to her upcoming YA novel This Is Really HappeningChack had all the essentials: a hospital bed, flowers, balloons and, of course, a doctor to “deliver” her baby. 

“Can’t believe my little book baby was born one week ago today. 1 lb. 4 oz., 234 healthy pages!” Chack wrote in the caption. “Mama loves you.”

Chack told HuffPost she came up with the idea for the photoshoot with her best friend Alijah. 

“We had been talking on the phone about how we couldn’t wait for the book to be out and how it was like waiting for a baby to be born,” she said. “At the same time we sort of blurted ‘WE SHOULD DO A BIRTHING SHOOT’ because we have the exact same brain.”

Before Chack knew it, she and Alijah were producing a full-blown book-baby birthing photoshoot in her New York City apartment right before the book launch.

The duo swiped a surgical mask from Alijah’s doctor, grabbed a pair of latex gloves from a restaurant and ― voilà ― Chack was ready to deliver!

“We set up my futon like a hospital bed, pinned an old duvet to the wall, and rearranged the flowers people had sent me. It looked pretty good!” Chack told HuffPost. “At one point I literally cried because I was laughing so hard from the sheer joy of having the book out and being with my best friend in the world doing weird things, which is our favorite thing to do! I’m also super relieved my neighbors were away for the weekend, because we were making a lot of noise.” 

Swipe through Chack’s Instagram post below that shows even more joyful moments from the big delivery. 

Can't believe my little book baby was born one week ago today. 1 lb 4 oz, 234 pages! Mama loves you. ‍

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Chack said writing a book was really hard and lonely, but ― similar to the herculean task of having a baby ― so, so worth it. 

“It’s kind of lonely, just hammering away at something you know won’t be fully formed for so many months,” Chack explained. “And then suddenly it has a name, and then it has a face, and then finally it’s a REAL PHYSICAL BOOK. And you hold it in your arms and cry a little because you can’t believe how much work it took for such a tiny, simple object.”

Check out more photos below. 

The one big difference Chack noted between a book and a baby (besides the whole caring for a tiny human for the rest of your life) is that “you can drink as much red wine as you want.” 

Head over to BuzzFeed to read an excerpt from Chack’s new novel “This Is Really Happening.” 

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