9 Times Non-Asians Completely Screwed Up Asian Food And We Lost Our Appetites

If there’s anything we Asians feel intensely passionate about, it’s our damn food. 

We do not mess around. 

So when non-Asians decide to toy with our beloved cuisines, whether it’s by introducing their own despicable take on a traditional food without honoring the original recipe, or by proclaiming our classic dishes “trendy,” among other offenses, it’s painful.

Especially since immigrants have long been shamed for the very foods in which white people are now taking interest. This confusing paradox was the subject of a recent viral piece by food writer Clarissa Wei, who summed it up perfectly. 

“In a weird turn of events, people were making money and becoming famous for eating the things I had grown up with and had been bullied for,” she wrote. Later adding: “Only certain dishes like noodles, dumplings, kebabs, and rice bowls have been normalized. The majority is still largely stigmatized because, bluntly put, white people have not decided they like it yet.”

But let’s get real. Our food was always perfect to begin with. 

Here are 9 times non-Asians completely f**ked up Asian food and made us long for mom’s traditional home cooking. 

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