Apparently Captain America’s A Nazi Now?

Captain America has been compromised after seventy years of protecting American ideals of freedom, justice and equality. That’s right, as part of Marvel’s newest comic book event series, “Secret Empire” the star spangled hero has become a Nazi.

According to the new storyline, Captain America is (and always has been) an agent of Hydra. Hydra is basically a fictional terrorist group and the Marvel Universe’s stand in for Nazi’s. They’re oppressive fascists who believe in forcing the hand of the planet to establish a totalitarian new world order.

Fans of Captain America have been understandably upset about this dramatic reveal. Most commonly, comic book fans have taken up the issue with the writer behind the series, Nick Spencer. Spencer, a longtime Marvel Comics writer, has defended the storyline but has also been feeding trolls with a negative attitude.

No matter your opinion on the superhero’s change of allegiance, the storyline has brought Marvel a lot of negative press. Many fans understand that Cap’s turn to evil will only be temporary but most are left wondering if he’ll ever be the same.

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