Being Convinced We’re Always Right Is Our Next National Emergency

It’s no secret that we’ve reached the apex of the the age of entitlement. Social media and political polarization have pushed people on either side of the spectrum to dig in their heels and refuse the other side. We’ve come to value being right more than being humble. It’s not about the pursuit of knowledge anymore. No, it’s the pursuit of self-validation.

There have already been numerous articles on how self-fulfilling bubbles eventually lead to a crisis in knowledge. These bubbles emerge as a result of people filtering their social media of any information that disagrees with their values. Instead of consuming a healthy diet of opposing viewpoints, we become an ouroboros consuming our own tail just to feel better about ourselves.

American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt believes this confirmation bias on the internet is our next national emergency. In this new video from The RSA, Haidt cautions that this influx of self-fulfilling information can only be combatted by teaching humility and acceptance in grade schools. By creating a more organic understanding and consumption of information on both sides we become a more tolerant and accepting society that can push forward into the future.

Or, you know, we don’t and we’re all doomed to die thinking we’re right.

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