Couple Announces They’re Expecting A Baby In Adorably Geeky Way

Someone needs to buy a car seat for their Batmobile.

James and Alisha Doherty, a couple in their late 20s from Nashville, Tennessee, love Batman.

Both have been fans of the caped crusader since they were little kids. Alisha can quote all the Batman films from the ’90s, and James even volunteers to dress up as the Dark Knight at birthday parties and local events to entertain folks.

So, when Alisha recently found out she was pregnant, there was only one way to announce the news.

“I think we both kind of knew we would be doing it even before we found out we were pregnant,” James told HuffPost.

On April 20, both got decked out in their Batman and Batgirl finest and snapped a few fabulously nerdy shots.

Afterwards James decided to post the photos on Reddit, using the caption: “My wife and I have a sidekick on the way.” The photos ended up getting a good amount of attention, racking up over 1,200 comments on Reddit and over 368,000 views on Imgur.  

The couple feels the reason for their popularity is because the photos are 100 percent authentically them.

“We wanted to take a few of the most common poses and add our own twist to them,” James said. “Alisha had the ‘drinking for three’ idea and mine was the What To Expect When You’re Expecting one.”

James told HuffPost that their photo shoot lasted about 30 minutes, and it consisted of him setting a timer on a camera in their living room and jumping into the shots. He said the entire time, he and Alisha had a blast.

“You can’t dress up in suits like that and not have fun doing something,” he said.

He also wants all the haters out there to know that he and Alisha are perfectly aware that Batman and Batgirl never hook up.

 “We’re both aware that Batman and Batgirl did not have a romantic relationship in the canon,” he said. “There’s always the issue of making non-canon fan content and placing it on the internet. There will always be naysayers and mean spirited comments. But the good has vastly outweighed the negative.”

But the best thing of all? The couple is totally psyched to meet their first child who is due on October 31.

“We are very proud, happy, and thrilled,” James said. “This baby coming is the biggest blessing of our lives. And we can’t wait.”

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