‘Get Out’ Could Have Ended Very Differently

This post contains “Get Out” spoilers.

The white family’s comeuppance at the end of “Get Out” is part of what made the movie a cultural phenomenon. It was the horrific-race-satire version of “We’re All in This Together.” But writer/director Jordan Peele scripted at least three much darker endings.

On Sunday’s episode of “Talking with Chris Hadwick,” Peele revealed he considered having Chris’ TSA pal, Rod, try to save the day by breaking into the gated community where Chris’ girlfriend, Rose, lives. Alas, Rod was too late: Chris was already in the Sunken Place. “He’s looking for Chris and he sees Chris looking in a window on Main Street, and he goes ‘Chris!’ and Chris turns to him and goes, ‘I assure you, I don’t know who you’re talking about,’” Peele said, according to Yahoo

That creepier alternative is the second nixed ending that Peele has divulged. He first talked about one in March, about a week after “Get Out” opened. In that version, cops arrest Chris for slaughtering his girlfriend and her family.  

Additionally, Peele said on “Talking with Chris Hardwick” that there’s another ending he hasn’t yet disclosed. Unlike the others, which were mere ideas, this version was filmed and will appear on the DVD/Blu-ray’s special features. That’s presumably the one that tested poorly among early audiences, prompting Peele to exchange it for a more hopeful culmination ― something producer Jason Blum encouraged, according to a recent New York Times profile.

Ultimately, Peele and Blum decided the movie needed a heroic sendoff, so Rod saves Chris and lets Rose die. “ ‘Buddy, buddy — you gotta do the happy ending! Give the people what they want!’” Peele said, imitating Blum. “That’s what Jason does. He lets you do your thing, lets you be an artist, then gently reminds you: ‘Buddy, it’s entertainment. We’re in the entertainment business.’ ”

“Get Out” is available on DVD May 23.

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