Photo Series Shows How Two Moms Tandem Nurse Their Triplets And Toddler

Photo Series Shows How Two Moms Tandem Nurse Their Triplets And Toddler

When Dublin-based photographer Johanna King set out to document breastfeeding mothers, she came across a family with a rather unique story.

Last year, King photographed around 10 breastfeeding mothers and their families in their natural environments. One such family was Cliona and Sue, a married lesbian couple who both breastfeed their toddler daughter and infant triplets ― a boy and two girls.

A breastfeeding mother herself, King came across Cliona and Sue’s story through a parenting and breastfeeding support group called Cuidiu. When she reached out about photographing them in their home, they were delighted to participate

King told HuffPost photographing the family was a very relaxed experience. “I felt instantly welcome when Cliona opened the door, and I believe they felt at ease too,” she said.

The photographer documented the family as Sue rotated their then-6-month-old triplets to nurse two at a time. 

“Cliona and Sue’s session wasn’t really different from any of the other sessions apart from the fact that their family is quite extraordinary,” King recalled. “I don’t think you will come across many families of two mothers feeding simultaneously four children with four boobs!”

Still, she added, it was like other photo shoots in its focus on capturing the reality of the family’s life in that moment, so they could look back years later and remember how it felt.

Sue gave birth to their triplets and Cliona delivered their first daughter, Aoife. Both women struggled at the start of their breastfeeding journeys. When Aoife was born, Cliona turned to formula due to latch issues. Once they discovered the baby had tongue tie, lactation consultants helped Cliona deal with the issue and relactate.

Their triplets were born two months early and spent about a month in the hospital. “Doctors and nurses wanted to establish a routine and know exactly how much the babies were getting,” said Cliona. “Sue expressed around the clock, despite the fact that she was exhausted, recovering from a C-section, suffering from serious nipple damage, and at one point got mastitis.”

All of the triplets also had tongue tie, but eventually, “after a lot of tears,” Sue managed to nurse the three babies.

Having another breastfeeding mom in the family can be an asset for Sue, though she does the vast majority of the triplets’ feedings. 

“It is great that I am able to help out now and again ― for example if one of them has a hospital appointment, I can bring them in and know that I can breastfeed them if they get upset, and we don’t need to bother bringing a bottle of expressed milk with us,” Cliona explained. “Sue has also fed the older child a few times, although she doesn’t show much interest as she says it is ‘too spicy!’”

On the day of the photo shoot, King stayed for two hours documenting the family. She told HuffPost she was struck by Sue’s methodical approach to rotating between all three babies as she nursed.

“It was quite amazing to see how much she cared that they all got enough, even if it meant no break for her. The babies were 6 months old and exclusively breastfed. I don’t think Sue got more than 30 minutes a day (and night) without a baby latched on.”

As a sleep-deprived mother herself, King felt for Sue but said she was glad to see how much support she gets from Cliona and her own mother as well.

The couple loved the finished photos of their family. “I think they reflect what our house is like ― the madness and sheer chaos of it,” said Cliona. “Like I said to Johanna, it is easy to forget with all the stress and exhaustion that there are beautiful moments too. I am so happy that we will have these gorgeous photos to remind us what it was like when the gang was so young.”

Cliona hopes that people who see their photos learn that it’s possible to breastfeed triplets, though it may take perseverance. 

“There is no easy way to feed triplets ― when they were on bottles it was a nightmare doing all the cleaning and managing feeds ― but this is definitely the best way for our family,” she said. 

“I also hope that people see the happiness in our family, even if the house is messy and our hair hasn’t been washed in days!” she added.

The photographer said she was honored to work with Cliona, Sue and their family.  “I love taking breastfeeding photos because of what it means to the mothers,” she explained, adding that she hopes people feel the love in their home. And as with her other breastfeeding photo sessions, she wants to help other nursing moms feel empowered. 

“I think every breastfeeding journey is different, and every mum faces different challenges,” Cliona told HuffPost “I don’t think either of us were prepared for how life-changing and empowering it would be to breastfeed our babies. Before we had children, we just viewed it as ‘food,’ but it is so much more than that.”

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Yes, Even Oprah Flips Out Over Black Girl Magic

Yes, Even Oprah Flips Out Over Black Girl Magic

Oprah is the queen of all queens and among the most magical of black women. This, we know.

But at a press event in New York on Tuesday ― in promotion of her new film “The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks” ― Oprah stepped into a room filled with all black women reporters, myself included, and totally lost her cool. And THAT, we didn’t expect. 

“When has this ever happened?” Oprah asked all of the women of color in the room. “This is a story in itself!”

To our delight, she broke into a little dance and belted out “Black Girl Magic.” Oprah insisted on taking a group picture that she posted to her personal Instagram page and she live-streamed the interview on her Facebook page

I recorded some of these magical moments (for the sole purpose of re-watching them for eternity, obviously): 

In preparing to be starstruck, the journalists in the room hadn’t considered that a black woman who has broken every glass ceiling would be so taken back by the moment of solidarity. It was a scene that reinforced the power of representation as a group of young black women journalists not only got to meet but interview the woman who helped to pave the way for black female storytellers everywhere. 

TMZ caught up with the media mogul on Thursday and asked her specifically about her thoughts on Facebook Live and its effectiveness in media and communication today.

Oprah praised the feature and referenced Tuesday’s press event and why she wanted to share it live on social media.

“I love the fact that we can connect, like, instantly” Oprah told TMZ. “I’ve never been in a room where there were all these beautiful black women who didn’t know each other who all showed up at a junket from various news organizations. I walked into the room and every single person was an African American woman and it was so damn cool! So I just started using Facebook live right there.”

You can read more about the film and our interview with Oprah here, which goes into detail about why she wanted to bring to light the experiences of another black woman who helped change the world. 

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” premieres on HBO on Saturday, April 22.

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Correct Exercises That Can Help Replace Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeries For Elderlies

It appears to be a thought process that is common there’s nothing to be achieved about and that as one ages, they lose their muscles. Folks believe that they’ll not ever have the ability to do what they used to do before and are not happy with the way their body looks. Many women after the age of 50 even visit breast implants OKC experts to change the way they look. The idea process of society, would be to take the reduced range of motion, the achy bones as well as the rickety joints and live in as little pain and move as you possibly can. This nevertheless couldn’t be further from the reality.

It’s common knowledge and scientifically demonstrated that within their body specific metabolic processes change as one ages. Among the by products of metabolic changes that are thee and maybe the most frequent term in regards to the elderly, talked by medical professionals people is muscle atrophy. As wasting away atrophy is defined only enough. This translates to “muscle wasting.” Science has shown us that their muscle mass falls, or atrophies /wastes away.

The solution lies inside the iron. Stamina and resistance training might look just like a frightening notion to some – particularly when distress and joint pain is related to move outside of the comfort zone of one’s. One could worry about being pushed beyond your limits and breaking a hip in the health club or injuring him or herself, not as working having a fitness expert or strength coach. And these issues are valid ones. But those are issues for everybody when they be a part of a physical fitness routine or walk to the fitness center.

Quite frankly leaving your property and driving an automobile is statically among the very dangerous things we may do in our own lives. But conditioning, strength & for senior people is critical. By coming in, doing correctly programmed resistance and strength training, a customer can slowly begin to boost their muscles and raise their joint flexibility and range of movement. The less one lets their muscles the healthier they’ll be, the ease of tasks of day-to-day living will rise and most of all danger for harm increases. The reason being most folks credit pain within their move to bones that are poor, or what we all know as orthopedic problems. You see, ligaments, tendons and muscle hang our skeleton, and therefore are liable for the alignment of each bone in our anatomies.

Almost 70% of orthopedic surgeries might be prevented with flexibility and resistance plan prescription and appropriate identification early on when symptoms of back and joint pain happen. However, what is typically prescribed is a decrease in movement. When This decrease in motion is farther atrophying diminished muscles and causes substantial wrong and misalignment suspension inside the skeletal system. Most patients that consider they’re a candidate for back, or an orthopedic surgery in the joint could significantly reap the benefits of an expert strength & conditioning regimen.

Locate a strength trainer, as an alternative to simply a fitness expert. Someone with medical field expertise, expertise working with sportsmen, as well as post-rehabbing injuries. Question them to evaluate your position and muscle imbalance, and your freedom. A Qualified strength trainer will likely have the ability to subsequently work to structural ailments that have to be reinforced and corrected and your orthopedic surgeon. Tremendous progress will be noticed by most patients in as tiny as three weeks of development and training!

Having the Most Effective Aviation Headsets

Getting an aviation headset that is excellent is a thing that needs to be top priority to any aviator. An aviation headset that is good will provide a solid operation in addition to relaxation as well as protection. Choosing the most effective aviation headsets is a thing that so they are able to concentrate on flying not an irritating or cumbersome headset, a pilot must do.

Headsets come in various fashions. Assessing concerning the characteristics they like and dislike with other aviators can also be helpful. There are specific variables a pilot must consider when selecting headsets for aviation or private jet charter OKC aircrafts. These variables deal together with the relaxation of the headset as well as the process. Noise reduction is the primary variable that will be looked at since it’s the most crucial detail about aviation headsets. Given that they’ll be utilized to keep contact with ground control and others in the air these should be of maximum audio quality. It is necessary that both use certainly thus and never have to require a repeat, a pilot can hear and be heard.

Relaxation is just another primary variable. That is not just one that may be generalized, however. Each pilot may have their very own tastes concerning what doesn’t and what feels comfortable. Additionally a pilot might want to take into account the guarantee period that comes having an aviation headset.

It’s not enough to get a pilot to just seek out the best name brands that are known. Air travel headsets are a significant piece of gear for the pilot also it ought to be picked with attention. A pilot must do some of their particular research, ask some fellow aviators, and look around on-line for any reviews which have been composed and what’s accessible. Going to find the best in aviation headsets is relaxation, and a sensible selection for security. Many aviator supply companies that are on-line and the staff running around the shop possess a big assortment of aviation headsets and recommendations that are well-informed, respectively.

Hiring A Moving Company For Your Business

Whether you are transferring one-room office or a big corporation, the right moving company makes the difference in the world all. You reduce liability risks, by using an expert mover. Unintentional loss of records, no more worrying about potential harm to your own workers, breaking secrecy regulations, or damage to valuable equipment. You’ve got lots of choices in regards to hiring a moving company that is corporate, but it is crucial that you understand what establishes an excellent mover besides the remainder. You may need to inquire about a wide variety of issues before you sign contracts including hiring practices, and their expertise, licensing, operations.

A youthful company that is moving likely cannot supply exactly the same level of service as one that continues to be in operation for decades or years. When choosing a mover encounter is important. Experienced OKC movers will have the ability to manage any issue that unexpectedly comes up on moving day and have handled many different scenarios. You simply need to hire a professional mover with wide-ranging expertise offices that are transferring –not merely homes. Don’t forget to request a listing of references from previous customers to establish its background.

A corporate moving company should hold the permits that are appropriate and be filed with the parties that are appropriate. Becoming an associate of the CRN needs special qualifications, to help you be guaranteed why these movers are specialists in their own area. A corporate moving company is simply of the same quality as the individuals who represent it. You need an organization that performs extensive background checks on its workers–particularly criminal history checks. Their staff should be -trained in privacy laws together with office moves. By definition, these workers are not well known by the company that is moving, and they can open the door to obligations that are possibly expensive.

When you transfer your company expertise issues. As well as transferring your high-priced computer gear and office furniture all things considered, it’s necessary for you to concern yourself with the security of your records at the same time. A professional corporate moving company uses a risk-free chain of custody process to ensure that there’s no chance for a data breach. The office movers that are competent generally use your records safeguard and to transfer. Downtime is another factor that is important. Experienced movers work economically and rapidly to reduce the time your workers are left idle.

Moving companies that provide decommissioning of old stuff, records storage, and file shredding save you money along the way and can simplify your move. These movers that are hybrid vehicle simplify the move procedure by reducing seller interaction and consequently reduce your liabilities. Admiral Movers will work with one to ensure your office move goes stays on schedule, as planned, and remains within budget.