These Beautiful Photos Highlight The Diversity Of The Lesbian Community

An important and compelling project from Colorado-based photographer Rachael Zimmerman is bringing together lesbian-identifying women from different walks of life in order to demonstrate the vast diversity of the lesbian community.

“Inside The Black Triangle” draws its name from the symbol people demonstrating asocial or atypical behavior were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps ― including lesbians. Zimmerman felt that this project is necessary to contribute to a conversation surrounding “gender hierarchy” in the lesbian community and highlight the variety and diverse array of experiences among lesbian women.

“I hope that the audience can see that a lesbian can look any way, be any nationality, race and believe any religion she pleases,” Zimmerman told HuffPost. “It’s time to break away from stereotypes and start treating each other equally. We must set positive examples for society. It’s truly remarkable how far the community has come to be accepted. The fight is not over; it’s critical to be visible and proud.”

After photographing and interviewing 100 women, Zimmerman plans to turn “Inside The Black Triangle” into a coffee table book. Head here for more information on the project, and check out some of the women who’ve already been featured in the series below.

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